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When newly-arrived refugees are finally settled in the North Shore area, they are referred to the RCAM by various resettlement agencies in Boston. One of our main services is to provide intensive case management, especially to those refugees who are considered to be "at risk" within the community. A person defined as "at risk" is someone who has a disorder that either required hospitalization or resulted in serious impairment with a risk of hospitalization. Our case management services strive to prevent such hospitalization. 


Our case management services provide a single point of contact for coordination and follows up on a person's individualized needs. We have an array of talented, knowledgeable counselors who are linguistically and culturally equipped to support in their community.


Specific areas of support with concrete goals include:

  • Service coordination - locating providers for mental health, medical, or dental needs

  • Symptom management - compliance with medical or mental health treatment

  • Daily Living Skills - home cleanliness, managing appointments, budgeting and money management

  • Resource management - locating English classes, refugee resources, legal aid, domestic violence survivor resources, enrolling in education programs, locating employment support and appropriate after-school programs for children or day programs for adults


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