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The U.S. citizenship process can be intimidating and difficult for many immigrants to navigate. The goal of our citizenship program is to guide immigrants through the naturalization process and help them to become U.S. citizens. We provide citizenship application assistance to help eligible refugees and immigrants complete immigration forms. Forms we provide assistance with include:


  • Application for Naturalization (N-400)

  • Medical Disability Waiver (N-648)

  • Naturalization Fee Waiver (I-912)


After completing an application for citizenship, the next step is to attend an interview with USCIS. The interview can be nerve-wracking and applicants need to know what to expect and how they can prepare. We provide information on what the interview process is like and what skills to practice before going. We can provide study materials for the civics portion of the interview, tutoring for the English portion of the interview, and mock interviews as practice.


Citizenship classes are also offered occasionally. These classes are typically 2 hours long for once a week, and run for about 15 weeks. During the course, students are prepared for all parts of the immigration interview. This class is designed to improve students' knowledge of American history and government as well as English conversational, reading, and writing skills. Contact the office for more information about when the next citizenship class will be offered.

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