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The employment program's goal is to help those with barriers to employment access the services and support needed to become employed and thereby attain economic self-sufficiency. Candidates come from around the world and bring varied experiences and skills with the necessary motivation for success.



For Employees:


We work with job-ready candidates who have a range of education, skill level, and qualifications to place them into full-time or part-time employment, primarily on the North Shore.

Typical job placements include hospitality, manufacturing, retail merchandising, food processing, transportation, and health care. Job candidates receive English language and vocational skills training. We provide resume development, assistance completing job applications, interview prepartion, computer training, and work place orientation.

For Employers:


For over 10 years businesses have depended on us to deliver qualified, suitable applicants and to provide workplace support. We partner with employers to provide skilled help to meet their needs and to ensure that new employees make a successful transition into the workplace.


To do this, we review qualifications for jobs with employers, carefully pre-screen qualified candidates, and finally forward selected candidates that match the job opportunities available. We provide support during the interview and hiring process as well as follow-up support to the employer and employee to ensure job retention. This involves frequent contact with the new hire and with the supervisor. Some of our partner employers are Multicultural Home Care, the Omni Parker Hotel, Traditional Breads Inc., Market Basket, MassTran, and Kayem Foods.

See what they have to say:


"The quality of candidates that the center supplies us with has been wonderful. The service is outstanding. Thank you very much for providing us not only great candidates but also superior service."

- HR Manager, Traditional Breads Inc.


For close to 10 years now we have relied on the New American Center for skilled and experienced candidates that are a good fit for our company. The value these applicants have brought to our company has been exceptional."

- HR Manager, MassTran


"The center presented good applicants that we interviewed. The applicants were well-prepared for the interviews and matched well with our needs. We are so impressed with our hires from the New American Center that in the future we will look to them for applicants."

- Jose, Five Guys

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