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Two Friends Say "Thank You"

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Sabbah Aljurani and Adnan Aljuboori, two former RCAM clients originally from Iraq. These two young men are soon leaving Massachusetts for Texas, hoping to achieve their dream of owning their own land and starting a farming business.

I asked both Sabbah and Adnan about their experience here at the Russian Community Association of MA, and they had nothing but excellent remarks. "They treated me better than the people in my own country," said Sabbah. "I came with no money, and Natasha helped me so much just by giving me a case worker." Having fled their country for political reasons, these two friends hoped to seek refuge in the United States. It wasn't until they came to RCAM that they finally felt at home.

Adnan raved about his experience, and speaking highly of both Natasha and Alla Poylina. "They were both so nice, and treated us like their own kids. I cannot say enough how much they helped us." Having dealt with other nearby organizations whose mission is to also help refugees of the North Shore, it wasn't until Adnan and Sabbah came to RCAM that they truly felt at home. "It is a real establishment...a good organization. They never got bored with us, never thought our questions were stupid, and will help anybody even if they don't belong to this organization."

Going out of her way to solve problems that she doesn't have to, Adnan looks up to Natasha as "mother, judge, and a teacher." It was her help and welcoming attitude, along with the rest of the amazing staff that gave Adnan and Sabbah the feeling of having a new home. "We belong to this country."

As they prepare to make their cross-country journey to Texas, neither Adnan nor Sabbah can think about how any of this would be possible without the help from RCAM. When their business takes off, Adnan plans to donate a sum of money back to RCAM as his special way of saying "thank you." These two long-time friends have a goal for which they will work hard to achieve, but they can't help but be eternally grateful to RCAM for giving them the motivation to start.

Marissa Meaney

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