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A Lovely Thanksgiving Feast

Today, we celebrated pre-Thanksgiving at the New American Center. Thanks to substantial financial support from the students at Gann Academy and the New American Center, our clients were able to experience a real Thanksgiving feast (some for the first time ever!)

We loved seeing everyone happy and full of delicious turkey :)

Along with the donation from Gann, we received a fantastic letter from a student there who showed his support for the New American Center.

"Dear RCAM,

This donation of $219.07 is to help your goal of helping newcomers to the country experience a true and real Thanksgiving This donation comes from many students at Gann Academy who really wanted to help the refugess who are coming to this country. I have really enjoyed all the time I have spent at the New American Center and wanted to give something back. The Russian Community Association really helps the surrounding community of immigrants, and Gann Academy believes in supporting this."

Thank you Gann and thank you to all the organizers of this event!

May you have a gratifying and wonderful Thanksgiving filled with food and good cheer!


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