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RCAM and the Youth at Risk Conference

Starting off the month strong, RCAM was represented at Salem State's annual Youth at Risk (YAR) Conference by the Youth Program Coordinator, Becky Jones. Her presentation was entitled "Young New Americans: Understanding and Serving Refugee Youth." During the interactive presentation, participants from various organizations, such as educational, mental health, and social institutions, were invited to discuss the following topics: cultural norms on disciplining students, dating, role of women, respectful behaviors, decision making, and cultural sensitivity.

This year marked the 16th anniversary of the YAR conference, which was founded in 2000 by the Essex County Community Foundation. Salem state took over the coordination of the even in 2015 and continues to uphold its mission to "support communities of professionals serving children, youth, and families and to provide them with affordable continuing education and collaborative networking opportunities."

For more information on the event, visit

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